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  Our Hospitality and Healthcare Industry Solutions  

Elektra Hotel Management Information System

Elektra Hotel Management System is a comprehensive and integrated hotel management solution. It is used more in than 2.300 of the world's best hotels or more than 20 years. It includes:

  • Elektra Front Office Management   
  • Elektra Cost & Inventory Analysis  
  • Elektra General Accounting  
  • Elektra Human Resource Management
  • Elektra Online Reservation System 
  • Elektra PBX Interface  
  • Elektra Pay TV  Interface  
  • Elektra Building Automation Interface (Air Condition and Energy System)
  • Elektra IVR Guest Relations System  
  • Elektra Access Control System  
  • Elektra POS System  
  • Online Reservation Module

Elektra Cloud Hotel Management System

Cloud Based system means that your product and data lives on the Internet instead of on your local computer. Therefore,  Ready to use. No need complex installations, set up and upgrades.  No need for major investments in computer hardware or software.  No additional cost  Accessible from everywhere with an Internet Connection. Low cost, use and pay concept.

Sell Your Rooms Globally
Occupancy rates and pricing details of hotels that use Elektra Cloud Hotel Management System are gathered in a data pool and distributed to Global Distribution Channels. Any reservation from these channels comes to the data pool again, is transferred to hotel and other Global Distribution Channels at the same time. Double-bookings or overbookings are certainly avoided because the system is working with global distribution systems as syncronized simultaneously.
System also enables webbooking, Agency B2B connections, Facebook reservation & Twitter CRM entegration.

Help Making Decisions
Information is really a crucial factor while making the correct decisions and focusing on certain aspects. Elektra Cloud Hotel Management System allows you to have clear information about your hotel by providing advanced reports and charts. Thanks to these charts and reports, you can track occupancy,income details,average rates and a lot of other information at any time interval.

Medisoft Hospital Management Information System 

Medisoft is a complete and integrated solution for a hospital management with all neccessary modules to successfully run hospital. It includes:

  • Medisoft Medical Information System   
  • Medisoft ERP System  
  • Medisoft Human Resources Management  
  • Medisoft PAC System  
  • Medisoft Laboratory Device Interface  Management  
  • Medisoft Online Reservation System  
  • Medilab Online Lab Result Observation  
  • Medisoft PBX Interface  
  • Medisoft IVR System  
  • Medisoft Access Control System  
  • Medisoft POS System  


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