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  Why to be a TALYA PARTNER ?  




We are looking for IT companies to be our partners to whom we provide extraordinary opportunities for having more success and profit :


An Ideal Software to Sell
Our solutions have been used by the best hotels and hospitals around the world for more than 15 years; so they are well known and proven to be the excellent solutions for the hospitality  and healthcare industry.

Our software is very secure and intelligent but it is also very flexible; without source code one can change screen design; add code and menu to program and even create and add a new module. So you can create your own solutions add your ideas to to the system.

Our software can be used in 89 language ; it comes ready for a few languages but  in order to use the program in your native language all you have to do is adding your language code to language list and clicking on translate command. After a few minutes program will translate itself to your mother tounge by connecting google.

Simple and Easy
For the last 15 years we have always made resarch and tried developing the highest technologies for Hotel Management but our main focus was not only on technology ; but also and especially on the SIMPLICITY. For this reason, tough Talya is a very detailed and comprehensive management system it is also known as very simple and easy to learn and use.
By being our partner you will have an ideal software solution for small to large size hotels and resorts. Since it is very flexible and customizable you will create your own solutions and will be superior to your competitors. It's easy to installate and to train, together with being in your own native language it will help you earn more with less effort.
So Lets Cooperate !
You are welcome to contact us for partnership . We will be glad to work and earn together...




Talya Head Office: Akdeniz University Antalya Technocity 1st R&D Building 2/5. Antalya/TURKEY, Tel: +90 (242) 227 91 00 Fax: +90 (242) 227 84 96 www.talyasoftware.com , info@talyasoftware.com